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Server & Application Monitor


SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor - обеспечивает, без использования агентов, производительность и доступность контроля за сотнями приложений и типов оборудования. Обеспечивает управление, оповещение и отчетность для поддержания серверов и приложений, работающих с максимальной производительностью.

SolarWinds delivers agentless application and server monitoring software that provides monitoring, alerting, reporting, and server management. This affordable, easy-to-use server monitoring software supports multiple hardware vendors including Dell®, HP®, and IBM System x®, along with the underlying hardware for your VMware® hosts. It only takes minutes to create monitors for custom applications and to deploy new application monitors with Server & Application Monitor’s built-in support for more than 150 applications. Server management capabilities allow you to natively start and stop services, reboot servers, and kill rogue processes.

  • Monitor server hardware health for blade chassis including HP C7000, HP C3000, and Dell M1000e.
  • Monitor server components including Windows® Mount points, network interfaces, and Windows® storage performance.
  • Get out-of-the box dashboards and best-practice thresholds for all key health and performance metrics. Key metrics include:
    • Hard drive status
    • Array status
    • Array controller status
    • Power supply status
    • Fan status
    • Chassis intrusion status
    • Chassis temperature and/or status
    • Chassis fan speed and/or status
    • CPU temperature and/or status
    • CPU fan speed and/or status
    • Memory module status
    • Voltage regulator status
    • Machine serial number

You aren’t monitoring your servers if you aren’t keeping an eye on hardware health. SolarWinds uniquely provides built-in server monitoring across multiple hardware vendors so you can keep abreast of hardware component failures and performance degradation.

CPU  2.4Ghz min

Memory  4GB min

Hard Drive  4GB free disk space min

Database SolarWinds SAM (formerly named APM) version 4.0 and higher requires SQL Server 2005 SP1 or later, including SQL Server 2008 and 2012.

Operating System
Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012, with IIS in 32-bit mode. Microsoft IIS, version 6.0 and higher, in 32-bit mode must be installed.

.Net Framework

Version 3.5 .NET Framework, 4.0 is recommended

Web Console Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or higher with Active scripting, Firefox 13.0 or higher (Toolset Integration is not supported on Firefox), Google Chrome

Server & Application Monitor лицензируется по числу мониторов (сенсоров) .

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