Доступно приложение DameWare Mobile application v10.0 для Android

DameWare Mobile lets you remotely access and troubleshoot all of the Windows computers on your network from anywhere from your Android device. DameWare Mobile brings the powerful desktop remote control features of the award-winning systems administration software, DameWare Remote Support (DRS), to your Android device.

With DameWare Mobile, you can:

  •     Remotely access Windows computers from your Android device
  •     Provide technical support to end-users from anywhere while on-call
  •     Share the end-user’s screen during remote troubleshooting sessions
  •     Easily navigate remote computers with intuitive mouse and keyboard controls
  •     Quickly control favorites and frequently accessed computers

DameWare Mobile includes the following features:

  •     Full keyboard & hot keys (Ctrl-Alt-Del, CMD Prompt, etc.)
  •     256bit AES security via SSL
  •     Intelligent auto-scrolling
  •     Favorites and recently accessed computers
  •     Intuitive mouse actions on a mobile platform