Обновление .NET библиотек с Большими Новыми Возможностями

Вышло обновление библиотек DevExpress большим количеством новых возможностей и доработок.

CodeRush for Roslyn - Added new Jump to Everything navigation, which allows you to jump to any file and symbol in the solution.
DevExpress ASP.NET - New built-in Insert Media Dialogs allowing end-users to upload files to cloud services (Azure, Amazon, Dropbox).
DevExpress Reporting - New XRCharacterComb control to display text so that each character is printed inside an individual cell in e-forms.
DevExpress Windows 10 Apps Subscription - Adds new RatingEdit control, plus enhancements to the data grid control.
DevExpress WinForms - Data grid adds new Excel-inspired column filter popups which make creating filter criteria easier.
DevExpress WPF - Data grid updates, plus new 3D Control to visualize 3D data sets as Surface, 3D Bars, 3D Scatter Points or Bubbles.